Introducing a new feature today, focusing on Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s irreverent, off-beat X-title. My blog has been doing this kind of feature for years now—on titles as huge and expansive as The Avengers and Spider-Man, to narrower looks at books like The Sinister Six. We’ve also looked just at specific runs (like Denny O’Neil and Luke McDonnel’s Iron Man work), or elements of a character’s development (like Hulk). But I’ve never focused on an X-title because…I’m just not that big an X-fan.

So why this one? And why now?

Well, it’s such a unique comic, for one thing. And for another, I just finished the All-New Doop miniseries and it made me curious about this book. I’ve read about it for years, but I’ve only ever read a few issues here and there—I’ve never read it all the way through. So, I’ll be discovering it as I blog about it.

The X-Statix team started out in the pages of X-Force Volume 1, in 2001. Joe Quesada hired Peter Millian, who had been working on off-beat titles for DC’s Vertigo imprint, and Mike Allred, the creator of the critically praised indie book “Madman,” and let them loose.
In the first issue, they simply dropped us into the world of this X-Force, as if we the readers were supposed to have known about them all along. It meshed with the fact that it started not with issue #1 but with #116, and the first issue focusing on the new team didn’t even mention the X-Force team that had appeared in the first 115 issues of that title. Rather than a black-ops team working in the shadows, this X-Force was created for the sole purpose of generating ad revenue and starring in a reality TV show (filmed by Doop). And living a great lifestyle while they were at it.


By their second appearance, in issue #117, they were taking on the “real” X-Force team, and they’d already lost several members. And this wasn’t a “they killed Kenny” moment—the deaths were real, vivid, and nasty.
The creativity oozes from every page. Like this one, which introduced a gay character named Bloke…


Wow. All that in just two issues! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about this feature as much I expect to enjoy reading the comics.

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