THE HARVEY AWARDS (Or: Why Is Anything Other Than Saga Even Nominated)

Yes, Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples swept Comicdom’s second-most prestigious awards ceremony yet again—making everyone else wonder why they don’t just rename the best series award as “Saga.”  The best-reviewed and best-selling series also took best writer, best artist, and best cover artist.

In other categories, it’s great to see Dark Horse get best graphic album and best biography for “The Fifth Beatle,” a truly amazing piece of comic book nonfiction.  Also great to see Paul Pope get an award for Battling Boy, the first all-ages independent superhero comic in many, many years that didn’t dumb-it-down for kids.  Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising won best lettering, and I’m happy to see Moore win for anything.  He’s one of the greatest, least-sung talents in the history of this art form.

Best new series and best new artist went to the Sex Criminals team.  SC is a book I enjoy, but it’s starting to wear its premise a bit too heavy, relying on gimmick more than character.  I’m still in the camp that it’s damn good, but I’m wondering if it has (ahem) staying power.

Despite multiple nominations, the best-selling publisher in the industry walked away with only two awards: Best inker (which it didn’t deserve to win—how can you celebrate the inking in All-New X-Men over The Walking Dead?!?), and best single-issue, which went to the “pizza dog” story in Hawkeye #11.  Everyone knew that would win.

Congrats to all!

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