B.O.B.-No Genre 2

I was a huge Bobby Ray fan back before he got a major label deal, and I loved his first major album.  But his second…Not so much.  Maybe it’s just that he’s shown us what he can do, and he blew his best bars on his come-up tapes.  I dunno.

No Genre 2 is the sequel to his famous No Genre mixtape.  If you liked that one, you’ll like this one–you just won’t find as surprising.  It’s very good–better than most of what I get sent to me every day.  But there’s a fire missing.  There’s nothing new here.  Some rappers amaze us early but never top that first album (DMX, Nelly), others can sustain album after album (Eminem, Jay-Z).  I’m not sure which one B.O.B. is yet, but I’m willing to keep rooting for him.

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