THE INCREDIBLE HULK #34: Enter Bruce Jones and John Romita, Jr.


IMG_7464Peter David left the Hulk after an epic run, one of the longest in comics, and the book floundered.

Joe Casey had a go at it for a bit, but really all he did was wrap up David’s run. Then the book relaunched and I have to confess: I haven’t read the first 33 issues of the reboot (I don’t even think they’re available in trade paperback). Jim “Priest” Owsley even wrote a guest issue.

But again, nothing stuck.

Then, along came Bruce Jones, perhaps best known for his amazing horror indie comic “Twisted Tales,” from the late 1980s. I’m learning about this run along with all of you, reading it for the first time, but so far, I love what I’ve read.  During his run we’ll see some frightening corpses and Hulk will even take on a zombie, so it’s classic Bruce Jones.  But I get ahead of myself…

In just this first issue, we see the version of Bruce Banner from the second Hulk movie—hiding out in nondescript hotels, doing yoga, and communicating by laptop with a mysterious benefactor. And going by the name “Bruce Jones.”

Is this the first time a writer has used his own name for the main character of his comic? I think so.

What also makes this issue great is the mash-up of the Bill Bixby TV Hulk concept: A wandering man, a vigilante using his Hulk to help people. A one-man A-Team. In this story, he cleans up a Kansas City slum…
And we never get to see the Hulk.

I can’t wait until next issue!

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