THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #124-127: Tony Stark: Murderer!



mayor koch meets iron manIron Man 3 (the movie) took a page from this story by turning Tony Stark into a secret agent.  Michelinie did it first, in this story in which a diplomat is shoved into the path of Iron Man’s unibeam.

Iron Man turns himself in (or at least his armor) through Tony Stark, and in doing so reveals an interesting quirk about the Marvel 616 universe: Apparently, the murder of a diplomat is not a Federal crime.  Local authorities (the NYPD) are responsible to wrangle Iron Man, and Mayor Koch himself takes possession of the murder weapon. How bizarre!

What follows is a terrific story in which Captain America (who doesn’t know Tony is Iron Man) teaches Stark the art of hand-to-hand combat in one easy lesson.

Of course, in the end, Tony suits up again and takes on a whole bunch of his weird rogues gallery, all at once: Porcupine, Constrictor, Beetle, even Leap Frog!


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