So, Comics Should be Good is running a poll of the best Batman stories and I cast my vote.  I thought I’d share it with y’all.  I know everyone’s got their personal favorites, but I don’t see how you can wrong reading these ten stories….

1.  The Island of Mister Mayhew (#667-669)

2.  Batman: Year One (Frank Miller)

3.  The Killing Joke

4.  A Death in the Family (the one with Jason Todd)

5.  No Man’s Land (I would rate this one higher but the issues not written by Greg Rucka or Ed Brubaker aren’t nearly as good)

6.  Knightfall

7.  The Dark Knight Returns

8.  The Long Halloween

9.  The Demon Lives Again (Denny O’Neil’s Ra’s Al Ghul story)

10.  Gothic

I would have liked to include Scott Snyder’s “Black Mirror,” which was his first story with the Dick Grayson Batman.  It was a really, really good comic—but unfortunately between the new 52 and the relative newness of it, I can’t say it had much of a lasting impact.

I would have liked to include Grant Morrison’s first issues (Batman & Son, #s 655-658), but then there would have been too much Grant on the list.  Of course, is too much Grant Morrison even a thing?  Probably not.

Batman: Venom, which introduces the serum used by Bane was a tough one to eliminate and Batman: Year 100 was awesome as well—but ten items means ten items.  Gotta follow the rules.

I also would have liked to include Hush and All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder because I love those comics and also it would piss off all the “real” Batfans out there.

What did I miss, guys?

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