Enter Kurt Busiek and issue #90, one of my favorite comic books OF ALL TIME.

When I bought this book off the spinner rack in 1983, a lad of mere 12 years of age, I had never heard of Unus the Untouchable before. And I thought this page, above, was sheer genius.

Issue #91 would be a largely crappy fill-in, followed by Busiek on a regular rotation as writer straight through to issue #100. Busiek’s take on the PM&IF book had a heavier emphasis on action and longer story arcs. There was a big focus on Danny Rand, with kung fu/K’Un Lun story that culminated in issue #100.

Busiek left after that and the book really floundered for the better part of a year until Jim “Priest” Owsley took over for one of the most legendary runs of his well-respected career.

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