This is very, very cool indie rock. It’s got that “old” (i.e., early 2000s) indie sound that’s vaguely country blues wrapped in cloudy smoke and echo. Like My Morning Jacket, before they got picked up by a major label. But it’s also got a groovy hipsway vibe–with airy harmonies. Like The New Pornographers. Or Death Cab. And the guitar work–light accents–like the Grateful Dead. But only a little. And on the single, No Mystery in That, the chorus hits you like a 1970s AM hit.

It is awesome.

It’s an EP, but it feels as full and complete as any record.

Here’s a stream of the single, and then a few direct download mp3s from the band’s earlier release, Lamplighter.

Deep in Your Bones (mpfree)
Modern Gods (mpfree)

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