MOON KNIGHT #7-8 (2006)

Charlie Huston and David Finch continue their reintroduction of the character to the Marvel Universe.

In the first story arc, “The Bottom,” we saw a broken Moon Knight rebuild himself—without the help of Koshnu—into a hyperviolent street vigilante.  In this issue, Spider-Man finds Moon Knight beating the crap out of a bad guy.  As the issue progresses, we see that Koshnu has been replaced by the fleshless ghoul from “the Bottom,” who is a spectre only Marc Spector can see.



Unlike Koshnu, this appears to be clearly a manifestation of Spector’s subconscious—the first indication that he is truly mentally ill.  This is another reinvention.  When Moench launched Moon Knight #1, it wasn’t clear whether he had powers derived from the moon God.  When the character was hijacked into West Coast Avengers, he became a mystic force.  Now we’ve come back to the grit, back to the streets, and he’s just a crazy guy looking for a fight and driven by his own demons.

This particular story involves all of Moon Knight’s superheroic past—and his rejection of it.  And in #8 there’s a truly hilarious conversation in which Captain America tries to get Spector to change his mugger-beatin’ ways, but fails…


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