IMG_7078Simply put: One of the best slam-bang battle books ever, and probably one of Bill Mantlo’s best scripts. There’s so much here, it’s hard to include it all in one little article.

First of all, there’s that splash page: A child crying as Hulk, in the shadows and the background, destroys New York City. Mantlo manages to fold in lots of Marvel heroes here, but he does so organically.  Daredevil saves that child from the splash page; Spider-Man helps protect some cops; SHIELD and local law enforcement try to evacuate civilians and minimize damage. And even real-life mayor Ed Koch gets involved.

IMG_7080Along the way, we get to see others who are powerless against Hulk: Power Man and Iron Fist, Starfox, Vision, and most of the other Avengers, including Thor… Ultimately, it takes Dr. Strange casting Hulk out of our dimension to end the battle, which begins the “Exile” storyline.

That story would continue for the next year’s worth of Hulk comics and would add quite a bit to the character’s backstory.

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