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Online slots developers have stepped up their game offering more and more exciting products to their users. The online gaming industry offers a wider and wider array of theme-based slots and games in order to expand its audience, one popular theme being comic superheroes. Considering the huge success comic book heroes have achieved on the big screen with characters like Thor, Spiderman, Dare Devil, Captain America and many others, it is no surprise that slots and online casinos have decided to jump on the bandwagon too, bringing out a number of the most popular superhero-themed slot games around in order to attract more and more users to online gambling.

Comic heroes-based online games give the players the chance to have fun with some awesome characters from their favourite comics, to be “real” superheroes with powers and supernatural skills and become excited while getting rewarded with impressive jackpots. These casino slots inspired by comic heroes boast amazing graphics, engaging soundtracks and they often include thrilling bonus features in order to keep the player intrigued. They are successful because they give the chance to fans to experience the story in a different way, feel more involved in the movie, while having fun and winning some money.

Popular Heroes Slots

You can choose from a wide array of characters from DS Comics, Marvel and others, as there are games based on The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men and Tomb Raider slots (tomb raider slots) as well.

Enthusiasts of Lara Croft will appreciate the fact that the award winning computer game ‘Tomb Raider’ has been reinvented as an online slot machine. You can guide Lara through new sci-fi features and reels, helping her to battle in order to reach bonus sequences and win more coins. The game offers a variety of superb features and good-quality graphics, representing a very interesting gambling game for both experienced players and new fans.


Marvel supporters will be excited to play Thor – The Mighty Avenger instead, which is set to become a very popular slot among comic fans as it offers amazing graphics and animations. You’ll be able to guide the so-called Mighty Avenger through his journey towards the land of Asgard to seek fortunes from the 9 worlds occupied by Heimdall, Laufey and the Frost Giants. Based on the recent and extremely popular Marvel’s Thor film, this is the kind of game that will surely spike your interest thanks to its great bonuses and features.

Fans of Tony Stark won’t be disappointed either. The Marvel comic book hero has become the character of another very popular slot machine. Like the others we listed here, Iron Man online slot game is very entertaining; it offers high-quality graphics and excellent features. Even if you are not a comic fan, you’ll be surely able to fully enjoy playing this top online slot.

Comic book characters are loved around the world so it comes with no surprise that top online slots developers have decided to ride the wave of comics’ popularity to attract more users. These online comic heroes-themed casinos appealed to both frequent and occasional players, as they are engaging, fun and they also afford them the opportunity to win.

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