WALL-EYED, Grace Under Fire

Why do I like this EP?

Reason one: The first song I listened to was the second song, “Pint of Blood,” which reminded me of when Cold War Kids were awesome. If you only take the time to check out one of their songs, make sure it’s that one. The guitar work may seem simple, but it whips right through me.

Reason two: Variety. After I heard the second song, I decided to listen to the whole thing in order. And I heard a lyric: “I’ll think about brushing my teeth. And they’ll be clean.” WTF? Who writes like that? Answer: These guys. And Wilson Getchell sells the line with so much passion, it sounds like his mother is dying.

Reason three: I love Patterson Hood, Steve Earle, old Ryan Adams, and muscular alt-country. And I don’t hear near enough of it anymore. Used to be the only thing in my inbox.

Reason four: Ambivalence. “Sometimes when you fly alone, you got to drink the entire way. And sometimes when you fly alone, you got all kinds of things to say.”

This band is smart, tight, and full of surprises. They’re currently on tour and have another EP, “Exile,” coming out on May 9, 2014.

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