I’ve bailed once again.  My feature, “a panel from every issue of Captain America,” was more ambitious than I could handle.  Too many mediocre issues, too many bad ones, too many just plain boring ones.

And there’s no way I’m reading–let along buying or reading through the Marvel app–every issue of Hulk.  I know Hulk pretty much sucks most of the time, for years and sometimes even decades at a time.

But the character?  He’s fascinating.

Every time a new writer gets a hold of him, everything about him changes: Is he smart?  Rock stupid?  Or just average?  Is he full of rage, or can he come out at will?  Is he part of Banner or a separate being housed in teh same body (or even a different one altogether)?

Let’s begin with issue #1.

It’s not Stan Lee’s best writing, but it’s not his worst.  It’s not Kirby’s best or worst, either.  But the sequence above pretty much illustrates the essence of the character: Large, frustrated with humanity, and crushing stuff.

The only thing missing here is the lack of personal pronouns.  Soon, he’ll start referring to himself in the third person–not as “me.”

Hope you like this feature–drop me a comment and let me know.

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