If you’ve noticed the quantity of my posts slowing down, blame Clash of Clans. I’m totally addicted right now.
And now the news…

NO MORE BOOK STORE COMICS.  Marvel has pulled its loose books from brick-and-mortar books stores, but will continue to sell trade collections there.  The move isn’t a big deal moneywise, since few people picked up comic books from Barnes and Noble, but it’s a bigger deal in that it’s less of an opportunity to reach new readers.

DC CANCELLATIONS AND INTRODUCTIONS. Dead: Teen Titans, Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Superman Unchained, Stormwatch, Justice League International. No surprises, except that Superman Unchained was actually selling pretty well. Alive: Secret Origins, Aquaman and The Others, Justice League United, Batman: Eternal, Sinestro. Cancelling one JL book and starting another? What’s the matter, can’t you support six weekly JL titles, like Marvel does for The Avengers?

FUTURES END. “Futures End” the second of two weekly DC series for 2014, this one will spin out of the atrocity that was Stormwatch. No thank you, you already ruined the legacy of one of Warren Ellis’ greatest comics of all time (The Authority, which was reimagined and retooled in Stormwatch).

BLACK WIDOW. The first two issues of the series are out—any of you reading it? I thought Nathan Edmondson and especially artist Phil Noto did a decent job. The premise is a little cliché—she feels bad about all the bad stuff she’s done, so she’s only taking assignments she feels justified about now. It’s been done with Elektra. Hell, it’s the whole basis for Punisher (which Edmondson is also writing). But there’s the added tension of Widow being an Avenger, so I’m hoping Marvel allows for a layered approach and some moral ambiguity. Bonus: The second issue was better than the first!

MAN OF STEEL 2 BUMPED TO 2016. Anyone surprised? Every week DC announces another casting choice for someone who isn’t Batman or Superman. With so many major DC heroes being planned to appear, this is more of a Justice League movie than a Superman sequel. Way too many calendars to accommodate, way too many balls in the air, and the gal who was signed to be Wonder Woman was given a three picture deal. DC just wasn’t ready for this. But Marvel was…

lil red sonja still has chainmail titsANT MAN MOVED UP TO JULY 2015. Marvel Studios put its tentpole up the former MoS date.

LOTS OF MARVEL HEROES APPEARING ON AGENTS OF SHIELD. The January 21 episode of the show as actually pretty good, but my chief complaint continues to be that this is more X-Files than Marvel. Adding in appearances by Sif (from the Thor films) and Stan Lee help, but we need more. Much more. And we’ve been promised that next month will bring us Deathlok and Lorelei, another character from the Thor universe who has powers similar to Enchantress. Maybe, finally, this show will deliver on the promise of its premier episode.

AGENT CARTER TV SHOW. I wasn’t thrilled about another TV show based on a SHIELD agent, given that AOS has been a big letdown, but when I read that the creators of one of the best, most underrated series of the past decade signed up to work on it, I was hooked: The creators of Reaper are attached to the show.

RED SONJA AND CUB. Dynamite has a one-shot, Manga-style Sonja book created by Jim Zub and Jonathan Lau. They also announced a “Lil’ Sonja” special by Zub and Joel Carroll, with a cover by the preeminent “Lil” artist, Art Baltazar.  It’s out now.

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