the boys #1 coverThe Boys.  It’s crude, it’s violent, it’s profane, it’s explicit.  It’s everything you’d expect from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

But it also had heart, and the final issue was one of the best “final issues” of all time.

Ennis has his detractors who say he’s shallow and full of hate, and maybe that’s true, but I’m not a hater.  I love Garth Ennis.  I love his Punisher.  I love Hitman.  I love the few Spider-Man stories he’s written.  I even love Crossed, as sick and demented as it is.

But more than anything else he’s done, even Preacher, I love The Boys.

The idea, “regular” people getting juiced up to patrol superheroes owned by big corporations and government entities, was at once familiar and fresh.  And the first issue set the stage, and established our entry point through the eyes of Wee Hughie, perfectly…


the boys #1 IMG_6586

At once darkly comical and emotionally gut-wrenching.  And then, Butcher explains the thesis of the book. 


He’s immediately established as the “moral center” of the book, but he’s off-center.  Akilt.  He’s neither hero nor antihero.  He’s a realist in a world where atheists are right because there’s no God to save us from the powered people, but their wrong because the powered people have the powers of God.

I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey through every issue.  You can follow the tag below.

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