In Captain America #241, Mike Barr signs on and turns Steve Rogers into a cartoonist–much like Jack Kirby was a war veteran whose talents were used to sketch enemy camps on scouting missions.

Yes, I jumped from #222 to here.  That’s because other than Mike Zeck drawing his first Captain America issue in #224 (as a fill-in artist), these issues SUCK.  They’re all written by Roger McKenzie who didn’t do much of anything with the character except recycle boring old standard storylines.

I’m also skipping a bunch of issues after this, which were fill-in issues.  I’ll be restarting with #247, when Roger Stern went from editing to writing the series, joined by a little-known artist named…John Byrne.

It’s one of the best, shortest Captain America runs of all time.  Check back tomorrow for it.

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