It’s a book I’ve never read, but one I’ve read about for years. Why hadn’t I read this sooner? I dunno. Partly because I usually don’t care for DC books. Partly because the concept sounded like Thunderbolts, which is a book that lots of people praise highly but other than a few brief runs I’ve never really “gotten.”

But when I finished reading The Defenders, I needed somewhere to turn and when I did I saw my stack of SS books. I don’t even really know why I got them, other than that the price was right.

So I dug in to #1.  And it’s much better than I’d thought.  Look at that splash page above.  It’s a fuc#ing movie.  Everything about it.


In this first issue, we don’t even meet The Suicide Squad until about half the issue is over.  I don’t know how many books were being written like this in 1987, but I know there weren’t many.  A superhero spy book with a mature perspective and a  moral relativist angle.

I’m hooked.

Plus, I never knew Luke McDonnel’s art other than in Iron Man–and I loved it there.  It’s even better here.

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