This looks like a hundred pounds of awful stuffed into a 5 pound bag.  But wait!  There’s more!
And then it’s stuffed into a bag of shit!
Marvel Studios does a great job with their movies because they respect the source material.  Electro’s “starfish” mask and Green Goblin’s purple hat are iconic.  Sam Raimi’s did alter Goblin’s costume, but it was still recognizable.  That looks like a dude riding a saucer.
The only villain image that so far looks like it might be good is Rhino…
It’s not a secret that I thought the first AmSpm was terrible.  It disrespected the character completely.  Peter Parker was actually a pretty cool guy, not a scrawny, bullied nerd.  I know that nerds are somewhat elevated these days, but the dude was a great skateboarder, very good looking, and not at all socially awkward.  Uncle Ben’s death barely made sense, it certainly didn’t feel like something that would resonate and affect Peter forever–instead, Captain Tracy’s death was used for that.  And nobody ever talked about power and responsibility–the very core of the character.
It was an awful movie.
But it made craploads of money, so I guess they won’t learn a thing with the sequel.

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