global frequency 7The second half of Warren Ellis and 12 great artists’ Global Frequency focuses more on the organization than the first six issues did.  There’s an issue where the boss is kidnapped (above), one where their base is attacked, and generally more information about the way the outfit works.

If DC really wants to revive WildStorm, this is a comic that is ripe for a revisit.  I’d love to see it used as a launch pad for up-and-coming artists, and written by someone with a good sense of humor and continuity.  Maybe Gail Simone?  Or Greg Pak, now that he’s over at DC?

But there’s still the charm of each issue being self-contained and telling a kind of “genre” story.  There’s horror here, and some really, really hardcore violence.


All still great.

Makes me wish the pilot TV show had been a go.

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