The Devil-Slayer joins the team for a three-issue arc, shortly after his debut in Marvel Spotlight #33.  This isn’t the first time The Defenders has been used to help launch new characters—it’s one of the things that made the book so much fun.  Literally anyone could turn up at any time.

Also notable about this issue is the art.  I’m not an Ed Hannigan fan.  He always looked to me a little too much like Al Milgrom, whose art always felt chop-a-block to me. The panel above, featuring Devil-Slayer and Hulk, is typical Hannigan.  But in the early pages of this issue, he’s drawing Doctor Strange and he totally channels Gene Colan:


I wonder if that was Hannigan’s idea or inker Klaus Janson?  Janson is a genius, after all, and his inks can literally transform the mediocre into the amazing.



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