A panel from The Flash #62, Mark Waid’s first issue

Yeah, this is a strange pick for me to commit to reading every issue for several reasons: (1) It’s DC, and I tend not to like DC. (2) It’s Flash, who is…Flash. (3) I’ve never read these issues before. But my allegiance to Mark Waid knows no limits.  He’s a pure genius who has made champion runs and reboots on characters like Daredevil (returning him to glory after the horrible, franchise-destroying Shadowland), Hulk, Captain America, Superman (“Birthright” is the single best Superman origin story ever)…I could go on and on. I’ve read a lot about Waid’s work with Greg Laroque on The Flash, and I finally decided to get the back issues and take a deep dive. With the first issue of the first arc, I’m hooked.  I don’t know much about Flash, but I already feel like I’m part of the family.  There’s a joy here, an innocence: A character who revels in being a hero. I mean, if I had super powers I’m pretty sure I’d love it, too. He starts by retelling Wally West’s origin, and how he first met Barry Allen and The Flash.  Having a child be the entry point for the reader is perfect at capturing the wonder of being able to run faster than light and sound.  And in the last issue of his 4-part “Wally West Year One” story, he reemphasizes how the book will be about family:


It’s the perfect book for an author as warm-hearted as Waid.

I hope you’ll stick with me as I proceed through every issue of Waid’s run.

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