DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER NY COMIC CON PART 2? (Comic book movies and TV news)

Yesterday, I posted on comic books, so today it’s movies and TV.

Starting with the Aquaman movie!

And in other news….

scarlet witch's tits

SCARLET WITCH AND QUICKSILVER CAST. For Avengers 2. Elizabeth “not one of the twins” Olsen seems like a good choice, as does Aaron “Kick Ass” Johnson. Hell, I trust Whedon.

MORE BOOM! STUDIOS MOVIES. Or at the very least the potential for more: Fox Studios signed a first look deal with Boom! for comic book projects. Best of all, Boom! promises to split its profit shares with the creators. My wish list: A TV serial based on Incorruptible, an indie-ish noir of Potter’s Field, and a blockbuster movie of Deathmatch. Make it so.

IDW Publishing has also formed a TV division, developing adaptations of Life Undead, Brooklyn Animal Control, and Jonathan Mayberry’s V(ampire) Wars. They did a good job with the first 30 Days of Night movie, so this could be good

JAKE ELLIS. Speaking of Fox, they’ve got the rights to adapt Image Comics’ “Who (and “Where”) Is Jake Ellis,” and they’ve already hired a director—David “Harry Potter” Yates.

DON ANT MAN? J. Gordon Levitt (of Dark Knight Rises, Don John) and Paul Rudd (of stupid comedies like Knocked Up) are reportedly on the short list to play Hank Pym in Edgar Wright’s first Marvel movie, calendared for a July 2015 release. JGL is so much the better choice for a new franchise—particularly because Rudd is already in his forties.

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s doing good enough that it got a full season pickup, and it looks like it inspired Marvel to put a full TV package together with an Agent Carter series, three other dramas, and a miniseries. What are you all thinking of the Whedon-helmed TV show? I’m enjoying it in an X-Files kind of way—but not yet in a Marvel kind of way. There needs to be much more inside geek references.

WALKING DEAD. The season premiere of The Walking Dead got a 16 share. That means it killed every other TV show in existence—network or otherwise. Also, they announced that my favorite bad ass Abraham will arrive on the show this season.

BATMAN BEYOND. Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke are working on a BB short for DC Nation in 2014. Timm is the recognized master of animated Batventures, and Cooke designed the look of the original Beyond cartoon.

FABLES VIDEO GAME. The Wolf Among Us, downloadable on most major platforms, is a “prequel” to the award winning comic. It’s out now and getting good reviews.

CROSSED WEBISODES. Avatar is planning to let Garth Ennis direct some live action Crossed shorts, in their continuing efforts to shop this X-rated comic as a potential movie property.


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