DEADSHOT by Christos Gage and Steven Cummings (2005)

IMG_5622 Deadshot was the breakout star of Gail Simone’s Secret Six miniseries, and much of the reason was his personal philosophy: He doesn’t care if he lives or dies, but all things considered, he’d prefer to live.

In 2005, Christos Gage and Steven Cummings produced a five-issue miniseries about the character that showed he had heart. In Simone’s book, Catman got a kid. In this one, Deadshot gets one…

It’s the child of stripper he was “dating” years ago, and when he learns he has a child he decides to become Punisher and take out all the street gang and drug activity in the neighborhood.


This inevitably leads to much badassery like this:



There’s also a very cool appearance by Green Arrow, in which Deadshot schools the “hero” by explaining that swooping in and doing a few superheroics doesn’t have a lasting effect on a neighborhood.  So, when Deadshot leaves, he leaves behind a fund to keep the area nice.  And it even warms the heart of the crimelords!



Yeah, that ending is a little contrived.  But overall, this is a great miniseries.  So I’m recommending it to you.

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