SUB-MARINER #34-35 (The Second Time The Defenders Met)

silver surfer actually surfs!


First Appearance of Barbara Norris--The ValkyrieSo, Marvel cancelled the monthly Doctor Strange series and let Roy Thomas bring Stephen, Hulk and Namor together across three issues.  That’s what we talked about last time.  From there, Roy brought Silver Surfer into the mix in two issues of Sub Mariner.  And look!  Norrin Radd ACTUALLY SURFS!  I’m pretty sure that’s the first (and only?) time he did that….

Roy Thomas also introduced Barbara Norris, the college feminist protester who would soon become The Valkyrie and join up with The Defenders.

So, by the end of 1970, we had some loose affiliations, but still no team.

Next: The team gets its name.

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