This about sums up the Secret Six...

This about sums up the Secret Six…

Secret Six is about bad guys trying to be good. But unlike Thunderbolts and similar titles, there’s no coercion, and no trick.  It’s really a morality play.  Some of them are more evil than others (Deadshot) and some are more more confused than good-or-bad (Bane, Ragdoll).  They’re a team of misfits who really just want to proud of what they do–and maybe make some cash.  Catman, spokesman for the animals of the African plains (but a white guy) is the most conflicted….



Gail Simone could have left this story to a “Catman thinks he’s like Batman and Bane knows he isn’t.”  That would have been funny enough.  But she uses the idea as a springboard for a whole story.  Catman gets an inferiority complex while the Six patrol Gotham City in Batman’s absence.  It’s a great little story, and we get to see Ragdoll at his level best as well…

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