MARVEL KNIGHTS PUNISHER (2001) #1-5 (first arc)

Sometimes referred to as Volume 5, the 2001 regular series came after “Welcome Back, Frank” and is officially volume 4 of the regular Pun books. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon collaborate again, and their first arc surpasses the madness of their first maxi-series, having Punisher fight the Mad Russian again, only now he’s a super-strong lab creation with giant boobs who can kick Spider-Man’s ass.
Ennis has no respect for Marvel heroes, that’s clear.
But this stuff is pure gold. Gold!

I’ll post more from Ennis and Dillon’s Marvel Knights run–it’s important to the evolution of Punisher, because it was always hard to imagine how a vigilante like Castle could survive in the MU but Ennis/Dillon used great comic book logic to show how. The series also had some range to it–it wasn’t all silliness. But Ennis had to get this out of his system before he could create the seminal Marvel MAX Punisher.

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