peter parker and mary jane married moving furnitureDavid Michelinie wrote more Spider-Man comics than just about anyone.  He’s right up there with Stan Lee and Dan Slott in terms of longevity.  And yet, I can’t say his run was much more than “pretty good.”  His dialog is often generic or clunky, and he doesn’t do a lot with the characters overall.  I contend that if Todd MacFarlane hadn’t signed on as artist, Michelinie’s work would be largely forgotten.  (Notwithstanding that it was erased by “One More/Brand New Day.”  Still, these early issues, with Pete and MJ married, are nice.

Nice comics.

Yeah.  That about sums up his run.  Pretty nice.

Pete becomes an author and tours the country, but it’s a book about Spider-Man so that explains why the hero is suddenly at every stop on the tour.

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