BATMAN, INC. v2 #4 and 5


Most of these two issues is a slam-bang battle wonderfully illustrated by Chris Burnham, who by this time has surpassed Frank Quietly as the Greatest Grant Morrison Muse of all time.  (And their styles are pretty familiar, too.)

But we also start to see how demented Talia has become.


Like Batman in “Batman and Son,” Talia has become her mask.  She does not exist if she is not Leviathan.  And Leviathan has become more important than her family.  It’s actually brilliant: Batman’s character arc over these 10 years of comics has been to embrace family and to see the Batman mask as something that can be worn by many people who are pure of heart and full of justice.  Talia started the arc as the doting mother who only wanted to be with Batman, but ends the arc a murderous beast whose sole purpose is to destroy her own offspring, as well as their father and the city that represents his soul.  The Bible quotes are from the Book of Job.  I’m not a religious guy, so someone else can do that analysis.


Issue #5 takes us back to future Damian, one last time.  We see that in this future, Dr. Hurt sits at the right hand of the President of the United States, and gets him to launch a nuclear strike on Gotham.  The message is clear: If Damian is alive in the future, then evil does in fact win.  Batman knows this because he saw the future (during the Return of Bruce Wayne) and so, once again, Morrison tells us that he plans to kill Damian.

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