punisher gatling gun arm

IMG_5166Punisher: Suicide Run was a multi-part story that spanned all three(!) ongoing Punisher titles: War Zone, Journal, and plain.  It was pretty meh, but that dude with the multiple barrel gatling gun arm is pretty rad.

The thing that made it special wasn’t that Punisher “killed himself” to take down a bad guy.  We all knew he wasn’t dead.

It was all the “other” Punishers that came along.  There was an actual black Punisher (i.e., not Frank Castle with a skin job), a nebbish, a chick, a lunatic…

But in the end, Castle spraypaints a skull on his shirt and returns to kick ass.



It’s probably the best–and only decent–Punisher comic that came out from 1994 until 2000.  Save one: Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe.  And we’ll talk about that one soon enough.


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