The 21st post in my review of every Grant Morrison Batman.  The first issue of the second volume of Batman, Inc., has a lot of set-up.  The league of heroes comes back from the dead, undercover and pretending to still be dead.  Leviathan has put a bounty on Damian Wayne’s head, and Damian gets shot and “killed.”  Of course, he’s not dead yet–but he pretends to be during this first arc.  The oddest thing about this issue, which ultimately doesn’t appear to have any significance, is Damian’s hood.  Batman tells him to take it off or it will get him in trouble.  But when Damian is shot, according to the narrative of the assassin, he’s not wearing the hood.  But then when Batman is cradling Damian at the end, he does have his hood on.

I will Morrison had played with this idea of the unclear/unreliable narrator more, but I think about this time he was starting to get pissed at DC for crapping all over his epic by rebooting their universe.  And rightly so.

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