IMG_4939Batman recruits his Native American members of Batman, Inc.  Or at least he tries to, until the younger one schools him on corruption and corporate influence.  Actually, those could pretty much be Batman’s own words before RIP: I can do this alone, I don’t need help.  It’s a neat little insertion of a different, dissenting point of view.

In issue #8, we meet the Batman of the internet in a controversial issue computer-drawn by Scott Clark.  I liked it, but I think a lot of folks were left scratching their heads.

Then, we get the double sized one shot “Leviathan Strikes,” which pretty much takes place at an all girls’ boarding school.

Production delays were crippling production of the title, and it went on hiatus so that Morrison and Chris Burnham could focus on publishing twelve, uninterrupted, on-time issues to conclude Morrison’s Bat-epic.

It ended up taking 14 issues, with two filler issues (one not written by Morrison).

It was during the final 14 that we really started to see Morrison getting worn out.  I don’t know if it was because DC rebooted the Bat universe and pretty much ripped the carpet out from under him, or if there were other reasons, but it’s evident.

The last 14 are still good–they simply seem affected by real-world personal influences.



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