I think we can all agree that “Age of Ultron” was a decent Avengers comic but it lacked the clear gravitas of an event.  It was more like a prequel to an Ultimate Universe event, and nobody gives a crap about UU anymore because…It’s terrible.  (Other than Ultimate Spider-Man, which isn’t terrible but has simply gone on too long.)  Now, along comes Infinity.  The most interesting thing about Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung’s entry into the big “summer event” field is…It’s not really an event.  It’s complicated.  Gradual.  Slow burning.  At least here, in the oversized first issue.  First issues of events are supposed to be punches in the face, but this issue is really all set up.  It’s decent set up, but it’s set up.  An event with a foundation?  Shocking!  But I’m betting this will make for a better reading experience overall, and for one that may warrant an actual reread.  (The only Marvel “event” of the past decade that I’ve ever re-read is Civil War.  The rest seem to…Not matter.)

Visually, it’s good.  Cheung is no George Perez (and Hickman is no Jim Starlin, at least when it comes to concepts and broad ideas), but he does some great work here.  The design of Outrider is a little too much like Venom, but who knows, maybe that’s on purpose?

As for consequences: It appears that the Spaceknights are dead for good. Which is fine, since Marvel doesn’t have the rights to use Rom anyway so nobody has cared about his supporting cast for years.  I don’t like the idea, though, of Thanos coming to Earth only because The Avengers are all off in space trying to be Bruce Willis in Armageddon to the Builders who are coming to Earth to destroy it.  It kind of makes Thanos a bit of a pussy.  It’ll be nice when Luke Cage punches him in the mouth, though.  I mean, that has to happen, doesn’t it?

Oh, and note to Hickman: Every single one of your comics has two-page spreads of the title of the comic and credit (no art or story) and this one, in addition had several pages of quotes from the book itself.  (A) We read it the first time, we don’t need an echo.  And (B), nobody wants to pay for a blank page.  Comics are expensive.

But not expensive enough, it seems.  Infinity #1 sold out.  In one day.  A second printing with a variant cover ships next week.

Overall: This looks like it could be one of the better Marvel events.

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