AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #238-245, 249-251: The Hobgoblin Epic Part One


In which we meet a mysterious character who loots an old Green Goblin arsenal under the city.  Lots has been written about this story, featuring Roger Stern’s greatest creation, and I won’t retread the old ground.  Suffice to say: The true identify of Hobgoblin was one of the best secrets in Marvel history…Even if it doesn’t entirely make sense.

I’ve only read this story once, probably over a decade ago, and as I’m rereading it–knowing who HG turns out to be–I’m finding a lot of holes in the story…But it’s still great.

It’s been written about ad nauseam, so I’m not inclined to try to do better.  But every article I’ve read forgets to mention Hobgoblin’s biggest win:  Early on, he threatens to blackmail J Jonah Jameson with information about Scorpion.  Spider-Man stops Hobby (actually, Hobgoblin “dies” and Spider-Man doesn’t seem all that broken up about it), and tells JJJ that the threat of blackmail is over, but JJJ has already preemptively come clean…
And just like that, Robbie Robertson replaces Jonah. For a while, anyway.

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