I’m going to do you, all my readers, a huge favor by ending my “panel from every Daredevil” series now.

Volume One just goes downhill from here.  Joe Kelley has a run, and it’s substandard to his usual work.  It’s drawn by Gene Colan who was phoning it in so bad that John Byrne actually said in interviews at the time that Colan’s art was terrible.  I think he called it a bunch of lines and swirls or something.  It was a great interview but I can’t remember where I read it.

Then we have a run by Scott Lobdell that is absolutely horrendous–especially the art–followed by issue #380, the “last” issue of volume one, which is an old mothballed DG Chichester story.

From there, Kevin Smith rebooted the series in Volume 2 with a very weird story about a devil-baby and Karen Page getting AIDS.  Extremely melodramatic.  I read it a long time ago and I’ll be damned if I buy it again.

Brian Michael Bendis’ run with Michael Lark is, of course, absolutely phenomenal.  But there’s lots of articles already written about it, I’ve read it already about three times, and I just have no interest in reading it yet again.

Brubaker took over after that and returned the series to the Volume One numbering.  He did a great job, by the way, but again I just don’t feel like reading it again.  Maybe someday.

Then Andy Diggle finally killed off the series with his godawful Shadowlands story, leading us to the current Volume 3 by Mark Waid.

Mark Waid’s Daredevil is one of the greatest comics of all time, and someday, when he’s done, I’ll return to this series to share my thoughts and appreciation.

Until then, this blog feature is closed.

Not sure what I’ll read next–I can’t just read Spidey–but I want to do a non-Marvel.

Any suggestions?


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