DAREDEVIL #310-364

Daredevil by Warren Ellis

I’ll be damned if I search out, buy, or read these Daredevil comics.  These four years’ worth of issues offer one single good issue: #343, written by Warren Ellis.  During this time, DD trades in his red costume for a suit of armor, there’s a villain who is actually named Surgeon General, there are terribly drawn issues and terribly written issues, and one creator actually puts an “Alan Smithee” on a book.  Alan Smithee is the name used by film people when they DON’T want credit on something they wrote because they know it’s awful.  The publisher did everything in its power to tear apart and destroy one of my favorite characters, even after groundbreaking runs by Frank Miller, Denny O’Neil and Ann Nocenti.  The Ellis comic is good because, as shown above, he has Murdock actually questioning the terrible deconstruction of his own comic.

Why did Marvel even keep publishing this crap from month to month?


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