spectacular spider-man 78

The first extended arc in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man is really cool.  Especially that panel above.

Mantlo weaves a neat little tale about Doc Ock and The Owl competing for control of the underwold, but the real story is the side-story about a gal named Debra Whitman who has a crush on Peter Parker but becomes convinced he’s Spider-Man…


Such a great splash page.  This is some of Al Milgrom’s best work.  I’m not a huge fan of his art, but his panel designs are pretty damn cool.

Anyway, Deb is a really nice girl who Peter kinda treats like crap, and she’s literally going insane with the thought that he’s Spider-Man.  So his conscience gets the best of him and he reveals his secret….


And here’s the punchline:


Great stuff.



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