DAREDEVIL #254-260


Meet Typhoid Mary, Ann Nocenti’s greatest creation.  Other than a completely pointless Punisher cameo that does no harm but also does no good, these issues are excellent.  It’s an extremely slow burn as Daredevil begins to crash.

I suppose this is a spoiler (but can you spoil a decades-old comic?), but Mary is a schizophrenic with the power to make men hot–literally and sexually.  Throughout Nocenti’s run, Murdock and Karen Page have been drifting apart.  So, when Mary’s “pure” personality meets Matt, there’s some temptation….

matt and mary kiss and cheat on karen

foggy versus matt murdockMeanwhile, Murdock is obsessed with a highly politicized environmental case, and he finds out who is opposing counsel, representing The Kingpin…

Matt’s lost his law license, so he can’t practice, but he’s ghost-lawyering through a young new attorney who also works at the clinic.

As far as I know, this is the first and only time that Murdock and Foggy actually went up against each other in court directly.  It’s all planned, of course.  A Kingpin ploy.  Part of his plan to crush Murdock.

I love this scene below, outside the courthouse.  It does something only comic books can do: Tell a story from multiple points of view via thought bubbles.  Regular books can’t really do that, because they tend to speak from one perspective (a narrator) or from the outside, third-person view.  They can’t, in one paragraph or image, convey multiple, simultaneous thought.  At least they can’t easily or effectively.  Visual media can’t do it either.  Only comics.

murdock and kingpin

But Murdock still beats Kingpin where it counts!





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