Greg Rucka is one of those freelancers who has been screwed not just by DC, but also by Marvel.  For DC, he created one of their top-selling titles: Gotham Central.  The comic didn’t sell well, but the trade paperbacks are a license to print money, selling out year after year.  But DC summarily dismissed him from several projects, including a Wonder Woman project when DC decided they’d sell more copies if Grant Morrison wrote it.

Then, at Marvel, Rucka did a great job re-energizing Punisher.  Not since the early Matt Fraction days had Punisher run in the mainstream Marvel Universe—and Rucka put him there, solidly, in a way that made sense.  For his troubles, Marvel cancelled the book.

Now, the multiple Harvey- and Eisner-winning writer has moved to novels and creator-owned pastures.  Which is too bad, because he’s done some really great stuff for the big two.  I guess they don’t get what they refuse to pay for…
Here’s the what and why of my favorite Greg Rucka comics….

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