This is one of the best issues of Denny’s run.  First of all, there’s the art: David Mazzucchelli does both the pencils and inks, and they’re gorgeous.

But also, it is a brilliant take on The Vulture, who is usually little more than a very strong old dude.  In this issue, he’s used as a foil for Daredevil.  Murdock’s business and his fiance are all dying, carrion, and he’s just sticking around for the parts that benefit him….Plus, everyone around him dies.

daredevil vs vulture

Daredevil can’t see it, but Vulture can.  But the real power in this issue comes from these four panels….


Foggy’s line there is vicious when you know that FOGGY is the one who had the idea to forge a break up letter from Matt to Heather, and yet Foggy is willing to blame Matt for Heather’s suicide.    He’s at least half-responsible, if not more so.


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