The last Frank Miller issue is contemplative.  It has built in suspense–six story beats, one for each potential bullet in the revolver.  Matt plays Russian roulette with Bullseye, who is stuck in a hospital bed, completely broken.

The last page, [spoiler alert] it’s revealed that there is no bullet in the final chamber and Daredevil tells Bullseye, “I guess we’re stuck with each other.”

This is a very telling story.

Under Frank Miller, Daredevil’s personality dramatically shifted.  This game he plays is almost sadistic.  He’s using a helpless Bullseye–torturing him, actually–to work out his inner demons and regrets.  This is something Matt did for most of Miller’s run, whether it was bullying Heather Glen into marrying him, risking everything–and the lives of those closest to him–just to take down a corrupt politician against whom Murdock had a vendetta, and similarly using all the women in his life to achieve the goals that he personally believed just.  This relentless aspect of his personality became endemic to the character–it defined him, all the way up to Mark Waid’s current run.

In many ways, he’s a lot like Batman at this point–or at least like the Batman Frank Miller portrayed in Frank Miller’s Batman.  And that continues down to the ending of this issue: “I guess we’re stuck with each other.”  That could easily be what Batman says to Joker.

And so, the end of one of the greatest runs in comic book history.

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