Yes, it’s time for Len Wein’s Green Goblin arc.  Because every spider-writer of the 1970s and ’80s got one.  Marv’s was the first one to introduce a new Goblin.  Of course, Spider-Man didn’t know that at the time….IMG_4073

Also, during this fight there’s a neat little panel with Aunt May in the hospital and Spidey in a clear trashbag out the window.IMG_4074

The image seems, at least to me, to be a tribute to the classic Amazing Spider-Man #39.

Anyway, it turns out that SPOILER ALERT this version of the Green Goblin is Harry’s shrink.  Harry figures this out, and it actually inspires him to spring into action as a hero.  For the first time, Green Goblin isn’t acting from a bad motive. Or, at least, not a totally bad motive.

He’s still mostly wants to take on the fake Gobby ’cause he wants to be the one true Green Goblin.

Anyway, the shrink (named Bart Hamilton) is unmasked and, surprisingly, dies.

And even more surprisingly, we don’t see the body, there’s no confirmed kill, but as far as I know he’s stayed dead ever since.

First time for everything, I guess.

death of green goblin bart hamilton

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