PPTSS #1 was the first comic book I ever read (other than Tintin or Asterix).  My parents went to another couple’s house for dinner and dragged me along.  The man of the house took me downstairs to a room filled with white longboxes, and told me I could read whatever I wanted.  The first box I opened, first comic I picked up had an amazing cover.  Or should I say a “spectacular” one.

I was hooked.

As I read this now, looking back, it seems kind of stilted and silly.  But the first issue had the significance of making Gloria “Glory” Grant a regular castmember, and the second recurring black character in Spider-Man, which was probably the only comic to have two recurring black characters in its regular rotation.

No, they aren’t great comics.  But they’re fun.  And for me, they’re special.


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