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In 2004, Kurt Busiek–the fan letter writer who scored a job writing one of the best runs of The Avengers–took over the JLA for an 8-issue stint featuring the evil version of the JLA. It’s one of my favorite Justice League arcs ever. For many reasons.


And only one of them is that a violent version of the JL is always fun to watch.  (And keep in mind that the above panel was created long before Mark Waid’s brilliant, long-form story of an evil superman in Irredeemable, in which Plutonian burns an entire family to death.

No, Busiek’s book is great because it’s one of the few times that we see the JLA acting like a bunch of … Guys.  People.  Folks with powers, but folks under it all.

They get bored.

They get frustrated.

And they have EGOs.

superman vs owl man

It’s not giving too much away to show that during the story Superman forces the evil alternate-versions to beg for help from the Justice League.  But I have to say, it’s odd that the Crime Syndicate seems to feel beholden…


These dudes kill innocents every day.  Do we really think we can trust them?

Anyway, it’s a terrific run overall.  Well worth getting.  And you can find the back issues at cons for like a buck each.

JLA #107-114.

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  • demoncat_4

    loved kurts run on jla inclluding when he had superman make it clear to ultraman he was going to face justice and superman telling owl man you have to beg.

    • ekko

      Yes. That was most awesome.