dc presents demon superman

This comic would be great even if all we got was a full-page Joe Kubert drawing of Etrigan.  But it gets even better.

Len Wein got his start over at Marvel Comics, where he was a co-editor with Marv Wolfman, until both of them decided Marvel wasn’t treating them right so they went across the street to DC.  Wolfman, of course, went on to create the best-selling DC comic of the 1980s: The New Teen Titans.  Wein created Swamp Thing and wrote several other DC horror books.

DC Comics Presents was overall pretty mediocre–like most Superman comics (hell, like most DC comics in my view), but occasionally, it hit well: And this was one such time.

Joe brought his son Andy into comics as a letterer in this issue, and the two of them, with Wein, created a twisted tale of genius.  IMG_3461

And most Demon writers I’ve read fail in the speaking-in-verse department.  But not Wein….


Great comic!

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