BRAVE AND THE BOLD #93: Batman and House of Mystery

First of all, there ain’t no Batman like a Neal Adams Batman ’cause a Neal Adams Batman don’t stop.


Denny O’Neil writes one of the oddest, coolest team-ups ever: Batman meets “The House of Mystery.”

House of Mystery was a horror comic that predated the Comics Code, and later was rebooted as an award-winning series that served as the launching pad for folks like Bernie Wrightson and Len Wein.  It’s host, Cain, was a weirdo who liked to creep people out.  In Brave and the Bold #93, he and Batman team up for a wild ride.

And it all starts with Batman needing a vacation…
brave and the bold #93

Cain, as always, serves as a narrator, leading both the reader and Batman down a path…


In the end, it’s kind of a Scooby Doo type story, but it’s classic 1971 comic books: Kitsch, camp, great art….And Batman.

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