AVENGERS #480-485: The Red Zone

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I want to talk about this panel.  It’s from part one (issue #480) of Geoff Johns and Oliver Coipel’s pretty good “Red Zone” storyline.  But it’s a rare instance of “normal” humans being shown in comics having a real conversation that extends for over a page.

But look at it: They are wrestling with the real problems that face normal humans, and a super-threat comes along that is supposed to put it all into perspective.  Like if something really awful can happen, then your problems don’t matter.

I hate this philosophy.  It drives me nuts.  It’s complete bullshit.

As a person with a chronic and painful disability, I am often the one that people look at and say, “Wow!  I’m grateful I’m not him!”

That is so Goddamn demeaning.

My experiences are real and valid and valuable, and I don’t need your contempt/pity disguised as “You’re so strong/brave/how-do-you-do-it!”

I found this panel offensive.  Mortgages, washing machines, providing for our families are all real problems for real people.  The fact that superfolks can come along and have big fights doesn’t change that or add perspective.

It’s just something else that makes life a challenge.

Pardon the rant.

oliver Coipel's she hulk

As for the rest of the storyline, it doesn’t suck.  It’s just not all that interesting. I do like how Olivier Coipel snatches an opportunity to pay tribute to Savage She Hulk, though. Shulk hadn’t looked like that since the 1970s.

The story is basically The Avengers rescuing a town from a chemical attack, and in the process Jack of Hearts accidentally over-irradiates She Hulk and makes her hulk-out like her bigger, angrier cousin.

It’s fine, it’s just that it’s basically the same as so many Hulk stories, only this Hulk has boobs. Granted, everything is a little better with Boobs, so, hey, there’s that.

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