cap vs giant man

I don’t love Howard Chaykin’s art, but this shot is fabulous.

The Civil War is the end of my review of The Avengers.  I know I promised to review every issue, but we’re coming close to the current period, and this is where “event fatigue” really begins to set in.

I don’t plan on stopping covering Fantastic Four, because it gets all the better when Jonathan Hickman comes on board–but this is where Avengers really peaked.  Maybe in five or ten years, I’ll pick it up again–but after this, there was a sea of Avengers books.  Some good, some bad, some bland…But the book never again got as good as it was before this.

new avengers civil war

Yes, it did.  I’m out.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for a panel-per-issue examination of another great series!

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