FANTASTIC FOUR #527: All about the Benjamins!

all about the benjamins

Ben Grimm got ALL the money!

I like J. Michael Stracyzinski’s (aka “JMS”) comics.  I proved it here, when I listed my top 5.  He’s a man with witty dialog and great ideas–even if the books usually aren’t especially deep, and generally don’t push the art form forward.  That’s fine withe me though.  He knows how to write, he writes well, and his pacing is fantastic–so a great story is more than enough.

ben grimm gets rich

Team him up with Mike McKone on art, and this is a really good start to a really good run on Fantastic Four.  Plus: A cameo from the richest person in the world…


Ben Grimm sent him color photocopies of his ass.

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