FANTASTIC FOUR #67-70: Reed’s Choice


This is the big one: The story that defines Mark Waid’s celebrated F4 run.  It’s pretty horrific, actually.  Doctor Doom dresses in his former lover’s skin and kidnaps both Valeria, who he helped deliver as a baby, and Franklin.

One will be freed.  One will be taken with Doom to Hell.  Reed chooses.

Fantastic Four 70

And thusly, Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo create one of the most powerful panels in Fantastic Four history.

The repercussions from this reverberate for about a year’s worth of comics.  I know serialized comics can’t ever fundamentally change the characters–the next writer needs to have the same basic toys to play with, and the concepts have to be kept relatively static for future generations of marketers and movie-makers.  But that doesn’t make any one writer’s work any less impactful.  I prefer to think of long runs on books as “versions” of characters (because clearly Sue can’t still be 30 something over three decades after she got her powers), and when a writer moves on, his story ends.

And this one is powerful.

Plus, mindless ones versus Thing.  Which is awesome.

thing vs mindless ones

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