THE TOP 20 WOMEN COMICS: The Best Current Series About Female Characters


Five books that may not be entirely chick-centric, but that include a very strong female presence or are about a team with several “lead” female characters, in no particular order:

tick tick boom nextwave

1. NEXTWAVE. Simply one of the best comics of all time, period. And it features two female characters that have been dumb everywhere else they’ve appeared: Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau version) and Tick Tick Boom.

2. SINISTER SIX. A female-led team of villains, scripted by the great Gail Simone. I’m talking about the pre-new 52 book. Accept no substitutes.

3. RUNAWAYS. Another terrific book, with more girls than boys.

4. Y THE LAST MAN. Yeah, the last dude is the focus—but without the strong female characters in this book, it would have been nothing more than a sex fantasy.

5. SAGA. Every character in this book is well defined and well-drawn, but the female lead is wonderful.

And now, the best of all time…

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